CMA Policies

Coletrain Music Academy Policies (2024)

Please Read Thoroughly

If you do not understand any part of these policies, please contact Coletrain Music Academy or seek legal advice before agreeing to them and enrolling. 


Coletrain Music Academy has implemented a paperless enrollment process. The payment method you enter at the time of registration will automatically run either on the 1st or 15th of each month depending on the date of your enrollment. Lessons may be paused or canceled at any time with a two-week notice, however, we are unfortunately unable to hold lesson days or times.

Holiday Closures:

Coletrain Music Academy works within the Buena Vista School District calendar honoring its holiday closures. We currently honor the most common dates when the majority of our students need to cancel lessons. These are Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break, as well as major holidays including Memorial Day, Juneteenth Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Please refer to the public Buena Vista School District Calendar easily located in the footer of our website for these calendar dates. Please note that students are still responsible for tuition during these holiday closures. For students that want to continue lessons during these holiday breaks, we offer free access to our online learning courses. Should students want to pause their lessons during the months with holiday closures they are of course welcome to do this. However please note that CMA cannot hold lesson spots and because our school is continuously on a waitlist we cannot guarantee the student’s lesson time won’t be filled.

Please note these 2023-2024 Closures

Labor Day, September 4th

Thanksgiving Break, November 20th-24th

Christmas/Winter Break, December 18th-January 1st

Spring Break, March 25th-29th

Makeup Lessons + Cancellations:

Coletrain Music Academy does not offer refunds for lessons cancelled by students. Regularly scheduled lessons reserve the teachers time each week, therefore the student is required to compensate the teacher for their time. This policy is in place to benefit the student’s progression and to protect CMA’s ability to recruit elite and highly-qualified instructors. Due to the number of students we have versus the number of teachers and classroom space, Coletrain Music Academy does not currently offer makeup lessons. We do understand conflicts may arise and should a student not be able to make an in-person or virtual lesson they should notify their teacher with as much advance notice as possible. Please know however that CMA does offer makeup lessons when teachers need to cancel as these occur less frequently and are manageable. Teachers are required to notify students with a 24-hour advanced notice and provide them with a substitute from our list of prequalified CMA teachers. If a sub is unavailable during your regularly scheduled day and time, your teacher will work to find another day and time that works for the student to make up the lesson either virtually or in person. If an agreeable time cannot be arranged your teacher may prescribe you an e-lesson from our online learning platform instead.

Snow Days/Inclement Weather:

Coletrain Music Academy does not follow the public school system when determining when to close due to inclement weather. Should we choose to close early, delay opening, or otherwise cancel services at the studio, students will be contacted and should be prepared to Skype into their lesson.

Registration + Materials Fee:

A one-time $20 registration and materials fee will be due at the time of registration for all new and returning students.


Cancellation of lessons requires a 2-week advance notice, in writing sent to, to avoid the recurring payment for your tuition.


Student, Parent/Guardian fully and unquestionably release Coletrain Music Academy, the instructors, contractors, employers, employees, and authorized guests from any and all claims for any and all injuries, accidents, and losses that he/she/they may receive. Student, Parent/Guardian understands that the whole of this agreement (liability) is effective from the date listed and will remain in effect indefinitely but may be updated annually for informational purposes.

*A signature of the Parent/Guardian or Authorized Co-Signer is necessary if the student is under the age of 18 years.

* Please note Coletrain Music Academy recommends a parent or guardian remain present during lessons for children 12 and under. This allows for the parent’s involvement and understanding of what is being taught, and what needs to be worked on at home. However, we allow our Independently Contracted Instructors to determine if they want to enforce this policy as we understand there are some students that might perform better without a parent present.

* Please note all in person lessons are required to take place at Coletrain Music Academy. Lessons are never to take place at the student’s home or at the teacher’s home, or anywhere that has not been previously authorized by Coleman Smith. Violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of the teacher and termination of the student. The student will lose their scheduled lesson day and time, and will not be refunded for any missed lessons as a result. This policy is in place because the safety of our students and teachers as well as the integrity of our brand are of the utmost importance. ?