Judah Arrington

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Bass, Guitar, Piano & Voice Instructor

Judah is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer from New Jersey. Coming from a background in classical and jazz music, Judah combines bossa nova, folk, flamenco, jazz, R&B, and hip hop into his style and music.


Judah specializes in upright bass, piano, voice, flute, sax, guitar, clarinet, and oboe.

When I met Judah I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of and passion for music. This exceptional young multi-instrumentalist brings an entirely new set of skills to Coletrain. My goal in curating our team of instructors is to find musicians who play instruments that I'm well-versed in, but who I can also learn from. From bossa nova, folk, flamenco, and jazz, I could not be more excited to introduce our students to a whole new diverse world of music. I for one cannot wait to take bass lessons from Judah! - Coleman Smith, CMA Founder & Music Director