Group Voice Lessons

Coletrain Music Group Voice Lessons


The 1st Thursday of every month!

Learn more about instructor Bonnie Culpepper here.

Do you love to sing? No matter if you’re simply curious, an “in-the-shower” singer, karaoke extraordinaire, or a performer looking to sharpen your chops, we invite you to join us on the 1st Thursday of every month for a group vocal workshop with singer/songwriter Bonnie Culpepper. Expect to connect with your voice on deeper levels. You’ll gain understanding to breath and body to find your unique voice. We’ll work on stretching, breathing exercises, vowel structure, ear training, sight-reading, and harmonizing. Bonnie’s well-rounded and classical approach will help you to find your voice that can be applied to a variety of styles, including classical, opera, theatre, jazz, folk, bluegrass, traditional, hip hop, and improv. Group lessons are free to currently enrolled CMA students and $20 for non-students.

For those attending the lesson please consider bringing these classroom essentials:

Group Lesson Essentials:

  • Lined Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Folder/Binder (or something to contain your handouts & sheets of music)
  • Music Stand
  • Any music you want to learn
  • Openmind and positive energy 🙂