Get To Know CMA Violin Teacher Leslie Jo Osborne

Get To Know CMA Violin Teacher Leslie Jo Osborne

Have you met CMA’s beginner violin teacher Leslie Jo Osborne? We couldn’t wait to introduce this talented new team member to you! When we first met Leslie we were very drawn to her passion for music and specifically the violin. Leslie’s go-getter personality, curious spirit, and servant’s heart don’t just make her an incredible educator, it also makes her an incredible asset to this community. Leslie Jo has worked with some renowned violinists throughout her musical career and most recently completed her apprenticeship with CMA Founder and Master Violinist Coleman Smith.

``I've been working with Leslie Jo on a wide variety of Swing, Jazz, and Texas-Style fiddle music for the past few months. Her classical violin background mixed with her hands-on experience and passion for music education has prepared her for an incredible teaching career with Coletrain Music Academy. I couldn't be more proud to have someone like Leslie Jo on our team and am thrilled for the many students that will learn from her.`` - Coleman Smith, CMA Founder & Music Director


Coletrain: Where are you from and what brought you to Buena Vista, CO?


Leslie Jo: I’m originally from Houston, Texas.  I love mountains and the majesty of Colorado.  I felt the tug at my heart to move here for many years.  A Colorado vacation in 2019 found me cruising down 285 for the first time.  I laid eyes on the Collegiate Peaks and I was immediately captivated.  I knew instantly there was magic here in BV and I had to explore it.


Coletrain: What got you started on the violin?


Leslie Jo: I started playing violin in elementary school, and not by my own path of pursuance!  I wanted to play the flute, but the school music director guided me toward the violin instead.  I’m forever grateful for her discernment.  Evidently she knew what she was doing!


Coletrain: Who are some of your favorite artists? Are you listening to anyone on repeat right now?


Leslie Jo: Oh boy.  How much time do you have?  Jon Foreman, Uncle Walt’s Band, Patty Griffin, Django Reinhardt, Ella Fitzgerald, Andrew Duhon, Svend Asmussen, Brandi Carlile, Gregory Alan Isakov, Johnny Gimble, Mindy Smith, Drew Holcomb, Billie Holiday, David Ramirez, Sarah Jarosz, Louis Armstrong, Ray Lamontagne, Nickel Creek, The Lone Bellow. Currently on rotation:  “Into the Mystery” – Needtobreathe “Me, Myself, Myself, and I” – Kaitlyn Raitz


Coletrain: When you’re not teaching at CMA what do you like to do for fun?


Leslie Jo: Again, how much time do you have?  Haha.  I love to spend time outside exploring the natural world.  I’m passionate about hospitality and find great joy in welcoming people into my home.  I’m a lifelong learner and constantly chasing my desire for knowledge and growth, whether reading books, studying languages, listening to music, cooking, traveling, gardening, networking, and of course, playing music!


Coletrain: What are you most excited about when you think about teaching for CMA?


Leslie Jo: I feel that some of the greatest gifts we can give to others are those of inspiration and encouragement.  I am who I am greatly in part due to key individuals who shined their light on my path and to this day hold unwavering belief in me.  I aspire to serve my students in the same regard, and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to do so as a CMA instructor.

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