Coletrain Jams

Join Us For A Coletrain Jam!

Join us on the first Sunday of every month from 4-6 pm for a Coletrain Jam! Our jams are beginner-friendly, but also offer a great experience for intermediate to advanced players. If you’re a new musician, jams can help you learn how to step outside your comfort zone and play well with others. If you’re an advanced player jams are a great place to try out new material and make new friends. CMA jams welcome musicians of all ages and skill-sets. You might find yourself sitting between someone in their teens, and someone in their seventies, all with the same common interest and a passion for playing music.

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First time to a jam? No worries! There’s a first time for everything and you’ll be in great hands at Coletrain! Here’s a little checklist that will help take your jam to the next level…

Your favorite pick'in chair

Music stand with clips

Capo & Tuner


Positive attitude & open mind

All ages and skill-sets are welcome!