Bonnie Culpepper

Beginner Piano Instructor, Ukulele, Voice

Bonnie Lea Culpepper has a trained background in the classical styles of piano and voice. She also has a great love for the Ukulele, which she taught herself to play at the age of 7. In school, her passion was performing Operatic pieces in many different languages and time periods. Her love of music has led her to become a touring singer/songwriter in the styles of contemporary rock, folk, Americana, jam, bluegrass, jazz, and blues. As a passionate professional musician, Bonnie places utmost importance on creative musical freedom. She strives to bring the skills and knowledge to her students to provide a foundation for FUN with music.

I've had the pleasure of working with Ms. Culpepper on many capacities. I've worked side by side with her as a teacher. I've gotten to work with her as a student, and I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with her many times. Bonnie is a talented multi-instrumentalist and a true musician in every sense of the word. She is also an excellent educator so I'm thrilled that CMA students will get get to benefit from her passion, experience, and dedication.

- Coleman Smith, CMA Founder & Music Director