Bill Hussey

Beginner to Advanced Violin | Beginner to Advanced Guitar | Beginner to Intermediate Mandolin | Beginner to Intermediate Bass | Beginner to Intermediate Ukulele

Bill Hussey is a Salida resident with a passion for music and education. Bill is classically trained on the violin and a self-taught guitarist, mandolinist, and bassist all of which have been nourished by the vibrant musical community of the upper Arkansas Valley. Bill’s musical interests as well as his styles of teaching and performing include classical, folk (Irish, old time, bluegrass, and country), jazz, and rock. Bill has studied music education under his parents Kevin and Michelle and his sister Kate, all of which are multi-instrumentalists and public school music educators. Bill is currently studying music education under master violinist and 20+ year veteran music teacher Coleman Smith.

I've had the honor or performing with Bill on many occasions and can tell you he is an absolute joy to perform with. Not only is he a superb violinist, Bill is also a stellar guitarist, mandolinist and bassist. We are so excited to welcome this incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist to Coletrain Music Academy!
- Coleman Smith, CMA Founder & Music Director