Anna Holloway

Beginner Piano Instructor

Anna Holloway has a trained background in the classical styles of piano. Anna’s very first piano lessons were taught by her dad, but she was finally able to start official lessons at the age of 7. Through these lessons, she was classically trained all the way through high school. During this time she competed in many classical competitions at the local, regional and national levels. She loves that music can tell a story in a powerful way and encourages her students to use music to help them tell their stories.

Since working with Anna I have been most impressed with her passion for teaching and her attention to detail in creating curriculum to ensure her students are getting the most out of their lessons. She places an emphasis on making the learning experience fun while also making sure each lesson is customized to meet the need of each student, meeting them where they're at to ensure they are reaching their goals. It brings be joy knowing that CMA students will get to benefit from her passion, experience, and dedication. - Coleman Smith, CMA Founder & Music Director