Alex Blocker

I couldn't be more excited to welcome Alex Blocker to Coletrain Music Academy. I met Alex through the music industry and was immediately impressed with his violin chops. Once I discovered his experience and passion for teaching, paired with his diverse background in Pop, Funk, Soul, Folk, Hip-Hop, and Orchestra, I knew Alex would be an incredible asset to our students.

- Coleman Smith, CMA Founder & Music Director

Alex Blocker is a violinist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter based in Denver. Blocker takes pride in being a multi-genre artist. His live performances combine elements of Pop, Funk, Soul, Folk, Hip-Hop, and more. In addition to touring and studio work, Blocker is a full-time public school orchestra and music teacher. Blocker studied classical and jazz violin while receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Fort Lewis College. Alex will join Coletrain Music Academy’s list of substitute teachers until he’s able to take on a larger role.