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“Do you know the difference between a violinist and a fiddle player? One plays the strings, and the other plays strangs.”

Select the method that’s best for you…

We have a variety of services to help you reach your musical goals including private lessons at our studios in Buena Vista or Salida Colorado. virtual lessons via Skype, an annual week long music camp, and online e-lessons.


Get to know the Founder, Coleman Smith…

Coleman Smith is an award-winning, cross-genre violinist. Coleman, who began playing the violin at the age of three, blends an understanding of classical, jazz, folk, country, and bluegrass elements into his performances.

Private Music Lessons

We offer private one-on-one lessons with professional, experienced instructors at our studios in Buena Vista and Salida, Colorado.



Virtual Lessons

For your convenience Coletrain Music Academy offers one-on-one private lessons via Skype. This is ideal for students who live outside the area.



Online E-Courses

E-Lessons include fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass and piano. Each lesson comes with professional instruction, and a downloadable sheet music.



Join us for Camp Coletrain in Buena Vista, Colorado, June 24-28, 2024!

Welcome to Camp Coletrain, a music workshop produced by Coletrain Music Academy! Camp Coletrain is truly an immersive experience that offers the perfect amount of music, wellness, community, and adventure. Our workshops offer instruction for first-time beginners to the advanced performing musician looking to gain more knowledge on their applied instrument. Our teachers are renowned educators, avid performers and super cool humans. You are going to love our results-driven curriculum and real-world approach created using proven methods that have helped countless students reach their musical goals. 

Now Offering Online Courses!

Coletrain Music Academy’s E-Lessons are professional and affordable and were created using our renowned results-driven curriculum and real-world approach. CMA E-Lessons will teach you the scale, chords, melody, and theory behind each song, and how to play well with others. Starting at just $12, this is the online learning experience you’ve been searching for.


At Coletrain Music Academy, we believe that music and art can transform communities and should be accessible no matter your age, where you come from, or where you call home. We believe music is medicine, a universal language, and the most powerful form of communication. We believe in building bridges, community, and cross-cultural connection through music.